This week, I have been particularly intrigued with this Irish artist Hozier. Ever since I heard him sing the song “Take Me To Church” on Saturday Night Live, I knew i was going to love his music. That night I automatically searched for more music by him on my app Beats Music. There, I found his recent album “Hozier” and took a listen to each and every song. I fell in love with “Someone New”. I now listen to it every day. I honestly love each and every one of his songs because they are each very different. His style is very unique. You can hear his Irish roots in his singing, his blues background in his guitars and his almost gospel vibe with the layered voices in his songs. Please whatever you do, at least give his music a listen! You never know if you might fall in love just a little or a little bit 😉 And did I mention he is EXTREMELY handsome ? Check his music out on Itunes, BeatsMusic, Youtube, SoundCloud, you name it. You won’t be disappointed .

An Ordinary

Click da link for da music

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