Okay guys so this is a super spontaneous pick, I was going to shout out a band/artist completely different but I was watching this Austin City Limits show on TV where a bunch of different style bands perform and it inspired me to listen through my iTunes music and I came across a band that I enjoy listening to that will show up every once and while and I realized why I love this band so much. So the Band of the Week is….DRUM ROLL PLEASE…..WILCO!!! I love this band because they have this rockish, horn infused , hard in the paint to softness type of music and it gives me such good vibes and I can just imagine myself at one of their concerts dancing and having a good time. Please please please check out the video above. If you like different types of music and are open minded and enjoy new music then you won’t be disappointed!! 

Until next time..

~An Ordinary

Click da link for da music

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