Honestly, today I’ve realized so much not only by talking to my Bestfriend about this but just sitting and truly thinking and reflecting on what exactly I want in life. Let’s just say boys and relationships are out of the picture for good. I don’t know why I always go back on my word when I tell myself that I am not going to get involved with anyone. It is funny how quickly one person can completely change your perspective and goals in life. A quick note on relationships: Texting 24/7 isn’t healthy, I know, however, texting and talking on the phone is a means of communication. It is the little things that count. Even if you are busy, you know damn well you can make time to wish whoever you are close to a good day, or remind them that you care for them. If your partner tells you they were “too busy” to at least tell you good morning, you know damn well they are lying. If I can make the time to text someone when I am on a super busy schedule then so can all of you. On another note, I haven’t exactly addressed the concept of physical intimacy. Whether that be in relationships or not, yes it can be great…when it is with someone you truly care about and love. I promise that those one night stands, even though they may be rewarding in the moment, chances are they will leave you feeling lost and lets just say with us women, as Patricia Bright puts it, “our hearts are easy moved when we open our legs.” I think the most important thing to do when you are encountering situations, like guys wanting to have sex with you, is to just be true to yourself and really make sure that you will still agree with your decision a day after or even a week after. I personally believe that there is nothing better than emotional intimacy and once you have that, you have one of the major keys to sustaining any relationship. 

~An Ordinary

P.S. Have any topics you want me to cover in my next post? Contact me through the contact tab with the topics you want me to address and I’ll be sure to include it in my upcoming “Therapeutic Conversatios” Post. Now that it is summer I will be updating a lot more frequently so stay tuned. Until then…Stay lovely 🙂 


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