Hello lovelies. I have been out of town the past 5 days in Arizona so I am just now checking my inbox for suggestions. One of my amazing readers asked me to talk about psychology and my perspective of it and all that comes with it. So here it goes…

Psychology. There are SO many different components to it. I mean we have Clinical Psychology for those with mental illnesses, we have Neuropsychology which focuses on the brain and how it functions in parts and as a whole, Counseling Psychologists, etc. There are literally so many more, the more of the unique branches being Aviation Psychologists who study the behavior of pilots and flight crew members. What I love about psychology is that there are no limits when it comes to the study of behavior and why people are the way they are. The majority of the books that reside in my library are psychology-based because I love to read about different perspectives and it also helps me to understand myself more clearly and how to cope with individual situations or obstacles within my life. I just recently finished the book by the name of Perspective: The Calm Within the Storm written by Robert J. Wicks which really helped me find the positives within the everyday “negatives.” I believe that Psychology is extremely important to have access to within society. Behaviors are constantly changing as well as research continuity which is essential because it can eventually lead to vast improvement with those dealing with depression or other mental illnesses.. The important thing is to never ever ever give up. If you are suffering with a mental illness or whatever it may be and someone tells you that you are crazy or that you are helpless or that you can never be “fixed,” I am telling you this right now: They are wrong. You can always turn your life around and there is always going to be room for improvement, but you can and will get there. It just takes dedication and an actual want for help and change. There are many resources out there for you all, you just have to look and be open to receiving help. There are online support groups and books if you don’t want to talk to someone in person. I will leave a link to different resources for any of you who may feel this way. If you guys ever want to talk, please know that I am just an e-mail away. It is better to say something than to not say anything at all. 

~An Ordinary






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