Politics is such a controversial topic. I mean obviously. I am not attempting to further the controversy with the way this post is being curated, however, I will discuss one thing about politics that needs to be talked about and that is: politics’ ability to go from a problem to an escalated problem for no reason. Politics has always been an issue. Yes, I believe in freedom of speech and petition and everything else that goes along with our rights, but since when did the world become do damn consumed in justifying their opinions and condemning another’s and fail to realize that it is all just opinions? There will always be differences in opinions no matter what the subject, so why do we waste our time trying to prove our points to someone who doesn’t care? Someone that will only care about their opinions just like you will only care about your own? No, we are not all like this and close minded but there are many and when it comes to discussing your opinion with these individuals, please don’t waste your breath. Allowing yourself to continue to try and try to convince someone to hear you out only escalates the problem and the controversy. I could go on and on about this topic but I think I made my point. Sometimes it is best to keep things short and sweet when it comes to our opinions.

What are your opinions on opinions? (this sounds so silly hehe but seriously)

Comment below with any thoughts! 

Until next time..

~An Ordinary

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