This is a tribute to all the lives that have been lost in the span of the past few months. There have been so many innocent lives lost due to protest against racism, and equal rights as well as blasts of terrorism. I don’t know what the hell is going on for the world to be so cruel and so hostile with each other. America is supposed to be the land of the free and yet the more and more individuals try and take steps forward, it is as if the steps forward are just illusions and we are really taking steps back. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is getting far too out of hand. It has come to the point where they are losing sight of their initial goal and turning into less of a movement and more of a revolt. Lately, this “movement” has been focusing on the fact that some officers have been using unnecessary violence and weapons against African Americans leading to the death of innocent “black” individuals, however, what are they doing to solve this issue? How can we as a United community come together and affectively resolve situations like this? That is the thing. We can’t. We can’t change the fact that there are crooked authority figures. There will always be corruption everywhere. And until we can stand together and recognize this first concept then we will never be able to progress PEACEFULLY. There are innocent people being killed over this matter. Innocent officers who have done nothing wrong. Officers are being condemned for something that the corruption caused. There may be hundreds of Officers who are crooked but there are also thousands if not millions of Officers who are in their career choice because they want to make a difference, because they care. These are the police officers who are there whenever you call 911. when you are in trouble who do you call? Regardless if you hate police officers, who do we turn to when we are in trouble or when we are scared? Our parents? Our friends? NO. We turn to the policemen. That is my second topic. Hypocrisy. It  is the second source of the ignorance Americans have that is preventing us from the continuity of our United nation. We must stop generalizing the categories of people. For example, Islamic or Arabic individuals. Are some terrorists? Yes. Are they all? NO. NO NO NO NO. You can’t just assume someone Arabic or whatever ethnicity or race they are is a terrorist. Anyone could be a terrorist, even the people closest to you, but do you automatically think they are? No. WE are all people just trying to make a damn living in this society. Stop judging everyone. Some making presumptions before you get to know someone. The media does a TERRIBLE job at doing this. Constant twists in a story can cause mobs of angry people who don’t even know whether a story is fully true or half ass because of the media. Beware of the things spread through social media because social media is a huge reason for misconceptions of almost everything in the world.

Again, God bless all the families and individuals who have lost their loved ones  in the past years because of these sad sad sad instances. 

We must recognize that corruption will always be relevant in society no matter what we do, we should stop judging everyone and making false accusations based off the way someone looks or is talked about on the media. You can only truly know what someone is or is like by stopping the prejudice views and getting to know them. Stop believing everything in the media. Media will be the death of us all.

This post was not intended to offend or insult anyone, I am simply discussing my viewpoint. Everyone’s viewpoints are highly respected and if you have any you would like to discuss involving this, comment in the discussion tab.

Until next time…

~An Ordinary 

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