Selfishness is a term that can be interpreted many ways by many different type of people. When most people think of selfishness, they think of someone only caring about themselves and doing all that they can do to get what they want at the expense of someone’s feelings or someone’s handwork or whatever it may be that the particular person is disregarding for their own satisfaction. Despite this, being selfish can be very beneficial to your own daily lives. Here is why:

1. You are in charge of your own happiness. In the end you are all you have. You are the one that knows you best, believe it or not. Depending on someone else for your happiness can only get you so far which is exactly why it is important to come to terms with what makes YOU happy and what will benefit YOU the most. Am I saying that it is okay to go binge out your money and score that beautiful Lamborghini? Of course not. What I am saying is, it is okay to be selfish and spend those extra two hours at work and come home a little late to dinner or delay your date a little and earn that extra money if you really want to be able to earn enough to buy your dream car. Like I said, it is important to be independent and strive for your goals. After all, the people who care about you will want you to be happy and seeing that come to life will only be possible when YOU take charge of your life.

2. Never Alter Your Goals. Everyone has goals in life which is why is is unfortunate seeing so many people give that up for other people. Maybe your best friend is going to a different college or your boyfriend is moving up a state; it is very common for individuals to lose sight of their initial goals because they don’t want a particular relationship to die out. IT WON’T. If your relationship is truly meant to be, it will work out. It just takes dedication. Why give up your dreams when you can achieve them AND maintain your relationships? Anything is truly possible. You just have to follow your goals and whatever is meant to be and whoever is meant to be will continue to flourish within your life.

3. Never Settle For Less. This is huge. I have seen so many of my friends let others walk all over them because they don’t know how to draw a line when enough is enough. It is important to be selfish and recognize your worth. ONLY ACCEPT THOSE IN YOUR LIFE WHO BENEFIT YOUR LIFE. This is one of the most vital keys in life!!! If your friends with someone who treats you like shit, or someone who never seems to want to make plans with you but hangs out with every other breathing person in your circle of friends, why are you friends with them? If you are friends with someone who only seems to want to talk when it is to their convenience, why are your wasting your relationship/friendship on someone like that? CUT THAT BITCH OFF. Life is far too short to be wasting your time and energy on people who you benefit but people who do not benefit you or make you feel wanted. Recognize your worth. I guarantee you it will be the best thing to do for yourself.

Selfishness is only wrong if you utilize it in the wrong fashion. Taking charge of your own happiness, prioritizing your own goals and cutting those out of your life who shouldn’t be there does not make it okay to think that you are the shit and too good for anyone to be friends with. Being selfish is healthy when you take a stand and recognize your worth and never settle for less. Be respectful. Being selfish does not give you a proper reason to want to fight someone, to want to demean another person. Being selfish in the most respectable way is remaining silent. Talking is for the weak. Shutting up and moving forward, now that takes a bad ass human being. Stay true to yourselves, remain humble, but also know what you deserve and work hard for it.

It is never too late to take a stand and stop being walked over. Today is the day. Seize it..believe in yourself.

~An Ordinary

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