In this short amount of time I have lived in this world, I have been through many relationships whether they were romantic, friendships or whatever type. You might feel it is great in the beginning but after the years, espeically when you are younger, relationships seem to fade as paths change and everyone goes in their own directions. SO the question is, how do you cope? Well, it is simple. KEEP DOING YOU. When going through breakups and your relationships fading, the most important thing for you to do is keep moving forward because honestly, you can not just expect people to stay in your lives forever! The whole point of growing up is GROWING and changing and adapting to new lifestyles and goals. Sometimes, others will not have goals and try to bring you down. DO NOT LET THEM. Always stay true to yourselves and eventually you will encounter individuals who can be a part of your plan: individuals that have similar interests as you and that are going in the same diretion. Just because your relationships now may not be going the way you invisioned, it is perfectly normal. Keep striving to be the best you can be, you’ll be grateful you did in the long run.


An Ordinary

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