Welcome to my Saturdays at the Houston Galleria Mall. Believe it or not but I don’t shop as much as people assume I do just because every time I do go, I HAVE to go full-out. It is really just an obligation for me. It is how I’ve always been. So how do I dress for the mall? It depends. If I know I am going to do a lot of walking, I tend to go more with some cute sandals, however, since this day I knew I was going to just go for a few hours, I paired a denim 7 For All Mankind Romper with Josephine Michael Kor Wedges. I normally don’t wear heels to the mall but when they are this comfortable and cute, what more could a girl want? I also have provided in the slide show 2 cops and 1 want. The second picture is a black “ponte” dress from Michael Kors (yes I love Michael Kors, can you tell?) absolutely phenomenal dress and really hugs your body comfortably. I am wearing an Extra Small as they do run a tad big, either that or my workouts are really working in my favor, no pun intended. 😉 That was definitely a cop. The third picture is a picture of one of the Chanel watches that I tried on and was OBSESSED WITH. Can anyone guess the price? I’ll let you know at the end of this post! The 4th picture is a picture of a watch from Michael Kors that I did cop called the Wren Silver Toned Watch. I will leave the link  below. I was in desperate need of a diamond feel watch with a big head and this one did not disappoint. And lastly, the last picture is of yours truly happy and feeling blessed due to the successful day of shopping. I am literally obsessed with watches, I now own like 7 different ones so now I for sure have watches that go with all my outfits!! Shoutout to Michael Kors and Chanel, 2 of my favorite stores. Oh and spoil alert but not really: Micahel Kors will be launching some new watches soon, I am not going to tell you what they look like or are, but I will give you a hint they are what nerds are…. 😉

BTDUBS.. the Chanel watch was …. 17 thousand dollars. Crazy right? But completely worth it!! I don’t know guys.. maybe a graduation present? Maybe not? Honestly I am happy with the watches I have now. I am so blessed. What are your fav accessories?

Until Next Time…

An Ordinary


MK Wedges

Black Dress

 Michael Kors Wren Silver Toned Watch



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