What are you truly thankful for? I am currently sitting on my couch pondering this exact question to myself. Family? Friends? Wrongs? Rights? Myself? The only answer to this question is that I am thankful for everything that has made me who I am today. So many events that I have encountered this year pass through my mind. It has been extremely eventful..something to begin coming to terms with being that it is almost the end of the year.

I am grateful for love. Love has made me. Love has broken me. Love has made me whole, at least as whole as I can possibly be healed similar to how bones can never be restored completely but they can still be improved day by day.

I am grateful for the music that continuously feeds my soul when I am sad, happy, broken-hearted, reflective and everything in between.

I am thankful for the mistakes that I have made that I continue to learn from and grow from and mature from.

I am thankful for my love interests for teaching me more and more about myself and what I want and do not want in future relationships/romances that I will encounter in the near/distant future.

I am thankful for my parents for always being there and doing everything they possibly can to make sure that I live a comfortable life  filled with love and encouragement. I would not be me without them. They are the foundation of my strength.

I am thankful for my Best friends, though the amount may be minuscule, the quality of friendship that I have had the privilege of experiencing is unbelievable and one I will never forget.

I am thankful for the rest of my family despite the fact that I don’t see them much, it is nice knowing that I have support and love coming from different parts of the world.

Earlier I mentioned that I am thankful for the love interests that have been in my life. But, more importantly, I am thankful for the love of my life, my soulmate. To the one that I write about in poems, in novels, in songs, in every form of expression there is, I am forever grateful for you. I could rant about how we fell off, but I want to acknowledge everything that we have been through, together, without each other. You made me stronger. You make me stronger. You were the first one to be blunt with me in a world that I was so used to being the only one willing to do the same for others. You have always been my rock no matter how many miles away you are. i love you forever.

I am thankful for my puppy, Dakota for being by my side and acting like the sister I never had. Trust me, you guys, she has a personality of her own lol

These things are among the many things that I am grateful. I could go on but to be honest, who really cares? So tell me. What are you grateful for?

~An Ordinary

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