I am currently sitting in my AP Physics class and I am honestly not even paying attention. My mind is all over the place and being that it is the week before finals, it makes sense in a way. It is unlike me to not pay attention during class but it is not unlike me to procrastinate. Last night I told myself that I was going to get my AP Government homework done that is due Thursday and Friday and what did I do? I went to dairy queen and watched a Netflix movie. I am sure this is relatable to those of you who work your asses off to do good in school. Why can’t we have a little “me time”, am I right?

Update: It is now the next day and I have procrastinated once again. But on the Brightside I did go running. I was able to accomplish my makeup article for dance, my Pre-Calc, and my English project. Rest assured, I am determined to get shit done and more importantly I am determined to update my blog more frequently. I am so ready to create my new years resolutions. Keep an eye for that post, I love reflecting.

So to my readers, do not give up on me. I will be back very soon for more content, and with more dedication that ever before.

On a Side Note:. Chat with me! How is your life going? What do you want to see more of on this blog?

~An Ordinary


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