I think I am going to do a weekly update because I know for a fact if I know something needs to remain consistent and can be put in my calendar I will complete it so here it is:

This is week is the week of semester finals and I am so ready for a break (even though I literally just had one 3 weeks ago). It’s stressful staying up until 2 AM on school days. I think the biggest challenge for me has been having to counter my procrastination skills and just stay on top of things and get ish done. I’ve always been super organized, but just because you are able to organize what you need to do in a day does not necessarily mean that you are actually going to execute the things on your list that need to get done.

I am just so ready to sit down in my robe, read, and drink coffee,and blog of course! That is one thing that I will never lose or give up: my therapy. My therapy is being able to sit here and write and write about everything going in my mind. Everyone has their methods and I for one have writing and music to help me with channeling my inner self and just being able to recognize exactly how I am truly feeling inside.

What is your therapy? And what would you like to see in my upcoming blog posts? Let me know.

See you very soon (maybe even in a few hours),

~An Ordinary


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