It is the little things in life that make it worthwhile. A lot of the times,  we get so consumed in the things that we have going on in our day that we never think to just sit back, relax and enjoy what is right in front of us. I know that, with the second semester of school just being right around the corner, that I will probably not get to spend as much time with my pup as I desire so I took a break from cleaning, created a little healthy snack, filled my mason jar with some water, and sat alongside my puppy, Dakota, to just appreciate the nature that I know SHE never fails to notice. I am so blessed with life and my family (which include my pup), good friends, good books, NATURE, and everything else in between. I am also EXTREMELY blessed for my followers. In one week I went from zero to 5! It may not seem like a lot to most people, but in my eyes, it is everything. Thank you to those who have chosen to follow my blog. It means the world. I am so excited to progress with my blogging and to see where I am as I continue into the new year.

~An Ordinary



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