About two years ago, I discovered a song on SoundCloud by this girl called Boys Don’t Cry and it was so somber and sweet and of course, being me, a music fanatic, I downloaded the song and never really thought anything of whether it was an original or not. Until this week I heard the same song but in a more upbeat fashion on a snap chat that I watched and I’m like wait those are the SAME lyrics that I heard that girl sing 2 years ago. I looked up the song and guess who it was by? One of my favorite bands: The Cure. I was so taken back. So I want to dedicate this post to an AMAZING band: The Cure. I have grown up listening to this band for the longest. It honestly brings me back to the older times even though I didn’t exist lol. Their more famous songs are Love Song and Just Like Heaven but I went ahead and just linked below Boys Don’t Cry. Have a listen!

~An Ordinary

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