This past Friday I went on an adventure with my best friend and her family to explore Houston and decided to try out a pastry/coffee shop type business called Tout Suite, and let me just tell you, it was AMAZING. I will definitely be back. What I really enjoyed the most was the atmosphere. It had a really comfortable feeling to it and when I walked in I was welcomed with the sight of students from around the area either with friends or simply by themselves working on their laptops and sipping on coffee or lattes. I am in need of a place like this in my suburban area. Of course, the atmosphere is great, but how great is a place without a good selection of food, pastry and drinks? I decided to try out their mini key lime pie indulgence, aesthetically pleasing look and taste! I also really loved the fact that they had a HUGE selection of lemonades to try from (fruit flavored lemonade is my fav!!). Cass and I shared a Dragonfruit Lemonade (originally we thought it said pomegranate, but we are blind I also couldn’t leave without trying one of their vanilla lattes which came complete with its own art, which again.. aesthetically pleasing. Let’s just say this place gets a 10/10. If you ever are in the Houston area and are in the mood for pastry, coffee, lattes or just a place to chat check out Tout Suite…you won’t be disappointed ❤️

~An Ordinary

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