About a week ago I was watching the movie Blue Crush about this surfer who falls in love with a  football player and it never fails that I find a good artist or song from a movie. In this particular movie, it was Destiny by Zero 7. The musicality of the song sounded familiar and once I found out it was Zero 7, it brought me back to my younger days when I used to listen to this artist. This artist literally gives me such great vibes and there is the chill aspect to the music that just makes you want to close your eyes and recognize everything that you are feeling great about. It is so funny because literally every artist that I mention on this page gives me great vibes and it is the complete truth. Each artist/song I recommend offers something different alongside the same great vibes. Check out Zero 7. I am linking the song Destiny, however, they have some other great songs. My other favorite, other than Destiny, would probably have to be In the Waiting Line.

If I were to describe Zero 7’s music in one word it would be Bliss.

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