So I just found out another one of my poems is going to be published and I realized that I hadn’t read it since I first submitted it. I decided to take a read again and I was honestly just filled with so much emotion and my heart is currently beating so fast. It is such a powerful thing to take the love you have for someone and express it into words: all the pain,  all the lines of your veins carrying the blood that fueled the passion in your heart for another. I would love to share this poem with you all. It is me and myself to the rawest core.

You are the flame that burns with passion the love that I’ve lost in your cigarette. The love that was taken from me when I thought I didn’t even have it to begin with.

My heart is unmended, a part of a whole that is somewhere in a place no longer there.

Is it possible for a ghost to take your hand and make you feel warm despite the cold they bestow upon others? We form a reaction that cannot be explained with scientific words but simply  by the word “Soulmate.”

You breathe into me the air my lungs lack when I am screaming and yelling “Leave! Go! I don’t want you here…don’t leave me like this…I never told you to go.”

Why are you still tapping my shoulder as you pass in front of me? You move so fast. I can’t even remember whether you were even here to begin with or if it was just a figment of my imagination.

What is love when it is drained from my body onto yours like plaster on top of porcelain? Art. You could never appreciate art as it was. You had to brush your palms against it. You picked it up from the gallery and recklessly tossed it and let it fall to pieces as you continued your walk to the next gallery. You should have just passed by.

What a beautiful mess you’ve created.

Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to get in my feelings lol. But seriously, art in every form is beautiful whether that be music, painting, drawing, writing, etc. The passion you set forth into the world is an amazing creation and one to be proud of. Hope this inspires you to keep pushing forward through whatever obstacles, and although life may not end up the way you wanted it to, whether it be in a relationship, career choice or everything in between, you CAN and WILL get past it. The pain or feelings may not ever truly fade, but the inevitable is that the light will come again.

If the hurt comes, so will the happiness” 

~An Ordinary

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