Over the past few months, I have gained a HUGE appreciation for EDM. Besides the fact that I will be attending FPSF, an electronic music festival, in a couple of weeks, I have always enjoyed Electronic Dance Music. However, after reading the lineup for the festival, I delved more into different artists that are not considered “mainstream,” which to my expectancy have been amazing artists. I typically do not listen to mainstream music, which is why I generally enjoy going to festivals because there are so many artists out there and it is really an easier way to just find new and different music. I have already found great artists that are now on my day-to-day playlist, but for this post, I wanted to highlight one in particular: Rüfüs Du Sol

This artist literally makes me feel like I’m living in Abercrombie, and if any of you have never been to this place, you can always find it in a mall, blasting dance music. Okay but honestly, this music always makes me feel like I am on a natural high and it makes me feel like all my worries are minuscule compared to the realm of the world that many of us have yet to experience. Please check this artist out. Below you will find a playlist of this artist’s music. Enjoy 🙂

My Top 3 Favorites: You Were Right, Be With You, and Tell Me

An Ordinary

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