If there is anything that I love more than amazing music, it is amazing music that is local.   A great thing about being a YouNower is meeting people from around the world and occasionally running into someone who lives in your local area. This was the case about 3-4 months ago when I met a guy by the name of Joey, who actually happens to be a really important person in my life now (how crazy how a social network can do this). Joey and I share a huge love for music, rock/emo music in particular. I say emo music because I’m not really sure how else to describe music that is sad, angry and happy all in one. I mean if that isn’t emotional, what is it? Anywho, Joey and I enjoy sharing music with each other which is one of the most rewarding things I feel I get from relationships because anything great added to my music library is a memorable moment in itself. After a break up when a song pops up,  I am just like “wow I remember when _____ showed me this song/artist, I’m so glad he did.” Joey has actually introduced me to so many great artists in the short span of time we have been talking, but one band, in particular, happens to be one of my favorite bands to this day AND is from my local area: Houston, TX ( in case you all didn’t know). Wow! This was a long intro lol anyways, let’s get to the recommendation!

This band that was recommended to me and that I am now recommending to you all is Rome Hero Foxes. This band has one full-length album and an EP on apple music, but they also have music on Spotify, Bandcamp, etc. They are relatively new as far as building up their fan base, but their music is amazing. The first album is more rock with super catchy tunes and their EP is acoustic and the music is so emotional with lyrics that you can’t help but appreciate and sing along to. I would recommend this band to all my readers. Even if you aren’t feeling them initially maybe you will enjoy at least one of their songs. Just take a listen! I will link some of their music below.

From Full Length Album “For When You’re Falling Backwards”

From EP “I/O”

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