I learned that I liked to edit videos my freshman year of high school, in which a group of students and I  were assigned a project to reenact a scene from Romeo and Juliet, film it, and make a video out of it. Automatically I wanted to be the “editor.” This assignment was back when Windows Movie Maker was the only really decent editing software that I even knew about. Keep in mind this was before I even knew Macbooks existed. I never realized my passion for editing though, until my Spanish project my sophomore year where I perfected this whole scenario where my hand was empty one moment and then with a snap of my fingers a banana would appear. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no professional by any means but it is something I am very passionate about and something I have been practicing quite diligently in my now completed high school career and as I have continued my youtube venture.

In June I took several shots of the month and created a montage out of all the footage and posted it on youtube. I realized that I never shared it with you all and so here it is. I’m not a big “let me show you my work so I can gain more subscribers on youtube,” but I have realized that if I don’t share it with the public and through the media, then how will anyone know my work even exists? I hope you all enjoy it. And if you do have a youtube and want to subscribe then I would be very appreciative of it. But just to watch it, would mean the world. Thank you all for being so supportive and such a great group of people that I find joy in sharing my passions and thoughts with.


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