College life is draining man. But hi, I am back and for good. It was super exhausting just getting used to college life and my schedule that I chose to take off from YouTube and from my blog to just get a feel for how life was going to be away from home and in a completely different environment than what I am used to. But, now that I have done that, I can finally incorporate what I love back into my schedule. With that being said, my blog posts will begin to upload on a regular basis and I am excited for what this blog has in store. It’s funny because I act like everything is planned out for this but in reality, it’s not. I post based off my mood which is why I have realized that posting a particular and set thing every day will never work. Unless maybe I do some sort of challenge for the month and with that, I would accomplish it because challenges are my absolute favorite.

Anywho, I am back and I am determined to remain consistent not because of anything but the mere fact that acknowledging my thoughts and being able to just write out how I feel always leaves me feeling more at terms with myself and the world around me.

Can’t wait to begin again —


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