I am madly in love. And its bizarre because a year ago today, I would have never thought that it was possible to love again. This exact reason is why I am afraid. I am afraid of the unknown. The unknown is ahead of all of us. My life was completely different last year. I was single. I was in high school. I was excited and getting to know others that would be attending the same college as I in the fall. Now I sit here. In a 9 month relationship with someone I had not even met last year. Preparing to spend New Years Eve with him and his family. All this can’t help but make me wonder; where will I be next year? Will I still be in this amazing relationship? Will I have made long-lasting friendships? Will I be happy? Will I even be alive? I guess there is nothing much I can really do but choose to live in the present and approach every life opportunity as it comes. In the past, I have always had a problem with overthinking things and worrying about the future that I never was able to fully appreciate the moments that were right in front of me. In this past year, however, I have improved in that aspect of my life, as well as others. I know the value that I have to offer to the world and those in it and this is the reason why I am so picky with the people I choose to have around me. It is sad to say but there are so many selfish individuals out there that do not care about anyone but themselves. Their negative energy brings you down. They don’t contribute anything positive to your life. Get rid of them. Only surround yourself with those who add substance to your life. Only do things that make you happy and that you are passionate about. Yes, life is going to bring you stress, heartbreak, financial crisis, but it is also going to bring you love, family, friendship, passion and moments that you will remember when you’re old and grey.  If there is anything important to leave you with from this post, it is to grab every ounce of life that is present with you today and bask in it. Life is too short to be afraid of what is to come. Carpe Diem. Seize the day. In the end, you’ll be glad you did.


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