“A song that reminds you of someone”

This one was easy. “When We’re Older” by Rome Hero Foxes. It reminds me of summer 2017 when I would go running and listen to this song and really the whole “I/O” EP and watch the sunset behind the trees and the cars pass by. Joey, my boyfriend,  recommended this band to me when we first met. Keep in mind that we met in an odd way through a broadcasting site that was just meant for my entertainment and connecting with others around the world. Who would have thunk that I would meet him in person 5 months later and that love would bloom? I know I didn’t. But I remember in April I wanted to meet him at a Rome Hero Foxes concert but I wasn’t able to make it because it was on a Thursday and it was a “school night” so Joey broadcasted the whole set on Periscope just for me. They played this song. I don’t mean to get sappy, it is just that I am so thankful that music allows me to associate so many lasting memories with it. Anywho, 5 months later I met him in August at a Rome Hero Foxes concert. Joey asked me to be his girlfriend, and well, the rest is history 🙂

Hope you enjoy this one


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