“A song that makes you fall asleep”

I don’t typically use music to fall asleep because if anything it just distracts me from sleeping and causes me to end up singing along. However, I have found myself falling asleep to music before. As I am sure you have all learned, I listen to a lot of rock music and upbeat music, but I also love softer genres. Indie is what helps me sleep the most. When I listen to this artist in general, I always feel more relaxed in my state of mind and being. Today I leave you all with a song that I have loved  for about 5 years now and continue to listen to to this day. Soko is one of my very favorite artists. I found her at a point in my life where I was just beginning to find myself and what I liked aside from societal standards and stereotypes. She also helped me through a very depressive state in my life. If you enjoy this song, please check out the rest of her “I Thought I Was an Alien” album — it really changed my life and altered my perspective on a lot of things. Maybe it will do the same for you..


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