Was doing some free writing for my creative writing poetry class. I gave myself about 10-15 minutes to just write whatever came to mind. No editing. Just drafts of whatever I was feeling at the time. I did this literally 10 minutes ago and I really feel how raw these are so I wanted to share with you all. Talk soon 🙂 – Mo

The Cheap Motel

I could be in the cheapest place
But in your company I felt safe
You looked at me like you could see the world in my eyes
I guess it was a world you didnt want to be in anymore.
The smell of cigarettes next door
The poor plumbing system in the bathroom of the cheap motel
With you
I felt like a part of me was being revived
Making me feel that I could do all the things that I have always wanted to do
But then you left and you left all the pieces of the memories behind
To be dealt with on my own
Alone again
Nothing new
Just another too good to be true

Cluttered Desk

My cluttered desk scattered with all the thoughts and the words that ill never say
It’s become a daily tradition — a tribute to loneliness
Some days I feel okay
Some days I feel like I could do without feeling so much
A blessing and a curse
It’s great to be able to be so in tune with everything I feel
But sometimes
It’s hurts too much to bear
All the pain
On my own
I have always been alone
We die alone
So it’s good practice
Isn’t it?

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