Okay so maybe this won’t be raw poetry but maybe just writing whatever comes to mind? Not necessarily a poem but it can be. Think i’ll call it 365 Days. Basically the purpose of this so you all know is to make time for myself at least once a day and write whatever is on my mind even if it is just one sentence.

See what I mean? I already missed a day because technically it is already January 3rd but I am writing this one for the 2nd. I spent almost the entire day working on my statement of purpose and writing sample for grad school applications. I have just had this burst of motivation lately to finally get shit done when it comes to school which has been cool but I also think I am beginning to find a balance with making time for myself.

For example, I did not technically write on here, but I wrote my statement of purpose which was easy as soon as I started writing about my passion for literature and then around 10pm I left the house and hung with this cool ass guy (hehe) and we went to the skate park and I fucking suck man. lol. I ate shit trying to go down a ramp. And I was all in my head about it and it sucked. But he could tell I was in my head and he helped comfort me which was cool.

Life is cool when you are spending it with people who understand you. Anyways I have my GRE today and I am lowkey nervous but fuck it.

Have a good night 🙂


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