January 2nd

Okay so maybe this won’t be raw poetry but maybe just writing whatever comes to mind? Not necessarily a poem but it can be. Think i’ll call it 365 Days. Basically the purpose of this so you all know is to make time for myself at least once a day and write whatever is on my mind even if it is just one sentence.

See what I mean? I already missed a day because technically it is already January 3rd but I am writing this one for the 2nd. I spent almost the entire day working on my statement of purpose and writing sample for grad school applications. I have just had this burst of motivation lately to finally get shit done when it comes to school which has been cool but I also think I am beginning to find a balance with making time for myself.

For example, I did not technically write on here, but I wrote my statement of purpose which was easy as soon as I started writing about my passion for literature and then around 10pm I left the house and hung with this cool ass guy (hehe) and we went to the skate park and I fucking suck man. lol. I ate shit trying to go down a ramp. And I was all in my head about it and it sucked. But he could tell I was in my head and he helped comfort me which was cool.

Life is cool when you are spending it with people who understand you. Anyways I have my GRE today and I am lowkey nervous but fuck it.

Have a good night 🙂


January 1st

In between our rhythmic breathing 

Every touch 

Every sensation  

You see further than even the naked parts of me 

To the core of my soul – a place that hides from even me sometimes 

It’s no wonder I figured you could read my mind – that a mere glimpse in your eyes would tell you everything you would ever need to know about the way I feel about you 

Is it even a surprise at this point?

In the laughs

The affection

The music

The skateboarding (at least my attempt of it)

The car rides

The lack of appetite

The scotch and twisted tea 

The backyard nights 

The subtle kisses

The dope ass sex

The way you have rekindled passions in me that I had forgot existed

The way you have reminded me to spend time on me

The way spending time on me is spending time with you.

Mo (2021)