LIFE UPDATE: I am a Mary Kay Consultant

LIFE UPDATE: hello to you all. so here’s an update. it’s a long read but something i’m excited to share with you all. SO, aside from juggling two summer classes,  putting in work at the gym, and being committed in a loving relationship, I am now an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay. I’m being mentored by the beautiful women on my team who have been successful and are willing to guide me on my journey. I chose this career path because it’s flexible with my schedule and it’s mobile, so I can bring my business with me to Waco while I study at Baylor. I also want to be independent and responsible for myself; it’s time to make my own moves and my huge goal is to pay for law school on my own. I can’t wait to get back and give free facials to all of you women in Waco. I do, however, reside during holidays and summer in the Friendswood/Houston area.

My goal these next 2 weeks is to see 15 faces where I give facials to try products for free, and if they decide they want to buy them, great! But they don’t have to. the point is to spoil women and help them find their lifetime beauty products. For those of you that i can’t make appointments with due to location, I just created a website where you can shop online. Some items are literally only $12. I also give free little gifts with them so you can try out more products. Products are satisfaction guaranteed so if you don’t like them you can exchange for something new or get a refund. I’m beyond excited to be a businesswoman and run it how I want, to network with you all, and to bring women together and make them feel as beautiful as they are. I mean let’s be real, who doesn’t want to just take a damn day off every once in a while and get treated like queens? 

To those of you in the Houston/Friendswood/Dickinson/Etc. area: If you are interested in helping me reach my goal and getting pampered all in one, please feel free to contact me! You could also earn some free Mary Kay by helping me out!

For those of you anywhere else in the US: The link to my website is  if you guys are interested in helping your girl out.

I love you all. And I’m so excited for this journey and to share it with you all.

A Glimpse Into What I Wear For School

A glimpse into what I wear for school. To those who have time to choose their outfits the night before, I salute you. Me? I’m sure I COULD fit it into my schedule in some shape or for, but the truth? When I finish my work for the day and my workout, all I want to do is shower and sleep. For some reason, this week in particular, I was reallyyyyy feeling my outfits. therefore here they are 🙂 kinda upset I didn’t take more pictures of the blue sweater because it was personally my favorite outfit. I am a HUGE FAN of 7 For All Mankind so literally every pair of jeans that I own are from that brand so if you take any liking to my jeans, you can find them at the link. 🙂

Just Houston Things: Tout Suite


This past Friday I went on an adventure with my best friend and her family to explore Houston and decided to try out a pastry/coffee shop type business called Tout Suite, and let me just tell you, it was AMAZING. I will definitely be back. What I really enjoyed the most was the atmosphere. It had a really comfortable feeling to it and when I walked in I was welcomed with the sight of students from around the area either with friends or simply by themselves working on their laptops and sipping on coffee or lattes. I am in need of a place like this in my suburban area. Of course, the atmosphere is great, but how great is a place without a good selection of food, pastry and drinks? I decided to try out their mini key lime pie indulgence, aesthetically pleasing look and taste! I also really loved the fact that they had a HUGE selection of lemonades to try from (fruit flavored lemonade is my fav!!). Cass and I shared a Dragonfruit Lemonade (originally we thought it said pomegranate, but we are blind I also couldn’t leave without trying one of their vanilla lattes which came complete with its own art, which again.. aesthetically pleasing. Let’s just say this place gets a 10/10. If you ever are in the Houston area and are in the mood for pastry, coffee, lattes or just a place to chat check out Tout Suite…you won’t be disappointed ❤️

~An Ordinary

Wardrobe Wednesday: Casual Bluezzz

Thank God for late arrivals in high school and finally being able to sleep in for a decent amount of time, except for the fact that I completely slept through my alarm a good old hour before I realized that it was 9:30 and that I then only had 1 0-15 minutes to get ready. I’m the type of person to never wear sweats to school. It is not that I don’t loveeee lounging around in sweats and sneakers, but when it comes to going out in public, I feel my best when I am dressed my best (even if that is cute casual). I always get told that “you are so extra” or “you are just trying to get someone’s attention” But the truth? I have and will ALWAYS dress for ME. NO ONE ELSE. So despite the fact that I had a short amount of time to get ready, I got my ass out of bed and straightened my hair, ironed my clothes and threw on a cute over-the-shoulder denim top with distressed black skinny jeans & navy blue chucks. It doesn’t get better than dressing like you didn’t not wake up on time ❤

~An Ordinary

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Appreciating The Little Things In Life


It is the little things in life that make it worthwhile. A lot of the times,  we get so consumed in the things that we have going on in our day that we never think to just sit back, relax and enjoy what is right in front of us. I know that, with the second semester of school just being right around the corner, that I will probably not get to spend as much time with my pup as I desire so I took a break from cleaning, created a little healthy snack, filled my mason jar with some water, and sat alongside my puppy, Dakota, to just appreciate the nature that I know SHE never fails to notice. I am so blessed with life and my family (which include my pup), good friends, good books, NATURE, and everything else in between. I am also EXTREMELY blessed for my followers. In one week I went from zero to 5! It may not seem like a lot to most people, but in my eyes, it is everything. Thank you to those who have chosen to follow my blog. It means the world. I am so excited to progress with my blogging and to see where I am as I continue into the new year.

~An Ordinary



Creativity Has No Limits

Something about Christmas sparks my creative side so yesterday I thought what better way to express my creative side than to build a Gingerbread house? I had never done it before but I was inspired so I went and picked up my best friend Cassidy and we went to buy a gingerbread house kit at Bed Bath and Beyond. I figured I would share these pictures with you guys because something about the process was super therapeutic to me and made me realize that you really can create whatever your heart desires and THAT is what is beautiful about the mind. There are no boundaries to the creativity it can produce, but the question you must ask yourself is:  Do you believe that you can bring your vision to life?

~An Ordinary

It Finally Feel Like Winter..In Texas

It is December 19th, 2016 in Texas and after the high temp yesterday being 70 degrees, it finally shot down to the low 30’s today and I was so happy! Because how often is it that we, in the south of Texas get to experience the feeling of soft warm sweaters and knee high boots on our bodies? It is rare! So with that I leave you with my outfit of the day as well as pictures with Cass and Tiff (I say these names like you all know who they are lol). The links to the items I am wearing are listed below!

Sweater Top


Leggings – Simple black leggings

Sweater – They don’t sell the one that I was wearing at Ann Taylor anymore, so I linked a sweater that was somewhat similar :))

~An Ordinary

P.S. I know it says December 19th, this was meant to go out yesterday but time moves so fast these days!

Rompers & Dresses, Watches, oh my!

Welcome to my Saturdays at the Houston Galleria Mall. Believe it or not but I don’t shop as much as people assume I do just because every time I do go, I HAVE to go full-out. It is really just an obligation for me. It is how I’ve always been. So how do I dress for the mall? It depends. If I know I am going to do a lot of walking, I tend to go more with some cute sandals, however, since this day I knew I was going to just go for a few hours, I paired a denim 7 For All Mankind Romper with Josephine Michael Kor Wedges. I normally don’t wear heels to the mall but when they are this comfortable and cute, what more could a girl want? I also have provided in the slide show 2 cops and 1 want. The second picture is a black “ponte” dress from Michael Kors (yes I love Michael Kors, can you tell?) absolutely phenomenal dress and really hugs your body comfortably. I am wearing an Extra Small as they do run a tad big, either that or my workouts are really working in my favor, no pun intended. 😉 That was definitely a cop. The third picture is a picture of one of the Chanel watches that I tried on and was OBSESSED WITH. Can anyone guess the price? I’ll let you know at the end of this post! The 4th picture is a picture of a watch from Michael Kors that I did cop called the Wren Silver Toned Watch. I will leave the link  below. I was in desperate need of a diamond feel watch with a big head and this one did not disappoint. And lastly, the last picture is of yours truly happy and feeling blessed due to the successful day of shopping. I am literally obsessed with watches, I now own like 7 different ones so now I for sure have watches that go with all my outfits!! Shoutout to Michael Kors and Chanel, 2 of my favorite stores. Oh and spoil alert but not really: Micahel Kors will be launching some new watches soon, I am not going to tell you what they look like or are, but I will give you a hint they are what nerds are…. 😉

BTDUBS.. the Chanel watch was …. 17 thousand dollars. Crazy right? But completely worth it!! I don’t know guys.. maybe a graduation present? Maybe not? Honestly I am happy with the watches I have now. I am so blessed. What are your fav accessories?

Until Next Time…

An Ordinary


MK Wedges

Black Dress

 Michael Kors Wren Silver Toned Watch