feb music tag: day 23

A song that you want to play at your wedding”

Assuming that one day I get proposed to and am ready for something so big and I actually got to decide on the music, i would for sure incorporate this one. I didn’t know if I wanted to pick out the song for the first dance of the bride or groom or one of the reception songs. I feel like it wouldn’t go to well because I would dead ass want so many rock songs and oldies to play and I don’t think that would necessarily fit well with everyone but then agaiin it would be my wedding. Anyways, that topic is a whole ways off and not even sure if I will ever get to make that step in my lifetime, but here’s a song if by chance I do.

IT MAKES ME WANT TO DANCE. Like come on who wouldn’t get out of their seats or move at least a little to it? The song is golden. idk why but the 1975, especially this song, gives me The Cure vibes and I am here for it.



feb music tag: day 22

A good song to listen to when you are sad”

This one really depends. Are you listening to a song to make you feel better? Make you angry and supress your feelings? Or are you listening to a song to comfort you and make you even more sad to cry it out? I guess that really depends on how you choose to cope with your feelings. I tend to listen to music when I am sad to awknowledge that sadness and come to terms with it. A little Jhené Aiko tends to do the trick. Her albums have helped me a lot so I am just leaving you with one of my favorite songs by her.



feb music tag: day 20

all my friends – knocked loose

A good song to listen to when you are angry”

Being that it is my man’s birthday, I wanted to find a way to incorporate him into this post. Therefore, I asked him for a song recommendation that went with today’s topic. Surprisngly, he thought that it was a really easy decision and he recommended All My Friends by Knocked Loose. Tbh this is the first time that I listen to this song. Me and Joey have similar taste in music but I still get exposed to different artists/songs when I talk to him, which is really nice. Can you tell that he listens to heavier stuff than I do? It’s hot though;)

So if you ever just want to throw shit around and be pissed off at the world, listen to this song. hehe

happy birthday babe (ง •̀_•́)ง


feb music tag: day 19

Winter – Daughter

A song from your favorite album”

I really did not think that this tag would be as difficult as it is. I feel like there are so many great albums that I want to share with you all but the days are creeping up and sooner or later the tag will be over:/ But, I suppose since I did write a paper in my English class over this specific album that it deserves praise and acknowledgement in this tag.  I actually have also done a couple covers of songs from this album on my youtube channel if you want to check it out. the link to my youtube is on the main page of my website on the sidebar.

If you Leave – Daughter (the album)

such an amazing band. beautiful vocals and such deep and meaningful lyrics. If you are interested in reading my paper about it, let me know and I’ll be sure to post it.

happy listening


p.s. if the videos do not work on the WordPress reader. click the link to my main website to be able to view it 🙂

feb music tag: day 18

afraid of the dark – the frights

A song that you wish you heard on the radio”

Tbh, the radio has been slacking. I feel like all they focus on is mainstream music. How about playing some underground/lo-fi/indie/mixing surf sound/vintage pop punk artists that have music with actual meaning instead of just ones that reference drug abuse and sexy women? I don’t want to turn this into a rant, after all these posts are dedicated to the music! Therefore, I leave you all wtih a song, though there are many, that would make me reconsider listening to the radio again (I haven’t listened to the radio in about 3 years besides satellite radio where I can choose what type of music I listen to but I did not resubscribe to it so I mainly just listen to my playlists on Apple Music and yes this is a run on sentence hehe I am channeling my inner-Faulkner).

give it a listen 🙂


feb music tag: day 17

A song that embodies the idea of ‘true love'”

For the First Time by Mac DeMarco. 

I love this man so much. I just now realized how perfectly this song describes my love. Long distance is tough. But when you reunite with that person, whether or not it is because of long distance or because they went out of town —  every time you see your significant other, it is like the first time all over again. The butterflies. The excitement. Knowing that time is limited so making the most out of every moment you have together is the goal. I feel it is something that couples who live together should have too. That time away from each other some days, whether it be time away at work, or with friends. Then coming home to that special person at the end of the day feels all the more better. Now that is love.

feb music tag: day 16

“A song that is relaxing”

I remember I discovered this artist (From Indian Lakes) about a year ago when I was on Twitter and one of the band members from one of my favorite bands posted a screenshot of a song by them. I love finding new music through others. I think music does a good job of bringing people together. I find that even though I am not the best at socializing, talk about music with me and I can talk for hours. Anywho, I know that I wanted to dedicate this tag to songs in particular, but this entire album, Everything Feels Better Now, is my absolute favorite.  Such a serene feel but also gives me this sense of nostalgia.

Check it out 🙂


feb music tag: day 15

A song that describes you”

This is one I had to really think about. How can i find a song that describes me if I can’t really pinpoint what exactly that is? Not that I haven’t found myself, but moreso, I’ve never been good at talking about myself. I will say one thing though, I believe my thoughts and beliefs are a huge part of who I am. So this song is one that explains many thoughts I have about life. In The Waiting Line by Zero 7. It really describes the monotonous tone of life and how many people have thier daily routines, but are they really living? I feel it is important to have a job because money fuels the world, but I also think it’s important for us to do things that we love and really take the time to bask in the world around us. I mean when you really think about it, when we die, we aren’t going to leave with all the materialistic things, but rather with our memories and the happiness that we expereinced doing things we love with the people we love.