something new

i am definitely at a different point in my life than I was six months ago. Crazy — how you can go from believing that someone is the one to accepting that it is okay for chapter books of your life to come to a close to make room for new ones. Reading a book is like gaining knowledge. You immerse yourself. You learn from it and then that knowledge remains ingrained in your mind as you venture into new books, new territories, new experiences. That is where I am right now. I’m finally at the point in my life where I am ready for something new — ready to learn more about myself and continue to grow. For so long I was stagnant — feeling like there was no more I could improve in but it was because I was not being /challenged/ in the way that my mind, body and soul is meant to be. But now I am. And its honestly really refreshing. Its never easy to let go of your past. It takes years and sometimes it never happens. And that is something to be acknowledged — moving on from anything is a process. But it is possible, if you allow it to be. I am open and receptive for the learning opportunties to come as I continue the endeavor of something very new. It’s scary. Unchartered territories. But I know in my heart I am ready. 2020 has been very transformative so far and I am excited for what this new decade will bring for me and this blog. For those of you who are still a part of this, I am excited to share my journey more with you. Introspective Mo is back.

love u all