February Music Challenge​

As some of you may know, I love music with a passion. Therefore, I wanted to do something different and fun as a way of sharing the music I love with you all. I know I normally focus on artists, but for this upcoming month, I want to focus on songs.  I know there are only 28 days in the month, but I will find a way to make it work hehe. I will post the picture below of the days and descriptions below in case any of you want to try it out with me. If you do, make sure to tag me or something so I can see what you guys enjoy listening to 🙂

Happy Listening..




a song & a thought

I do not know what I would do without music to keep me sane when my thoughts are constantly racing. So here is a quick recommendation. This song, in particular, makes me think of a time in my life where I am getting ready to go out with close friends to a really nice dinner. I imagine myself putting on a burnt orange dress and heels. A point in my life where I am content and have no worries about who or what will come into my life. Instead, I am simply enjoying the present and all that it “presents” me with. I crave a time in my life as such. Maybe one day I will find that bliss. But for now, I think a part of me will always worry about what is to come. I suppose that is an aspect of myself that I would like to change. Life is hard. It is for everyone I am sure. I long for true happiness where I can sit on the couch that I have earned through hard work and persistence and hopefully one day share it with another. Until then, I am still an embodiment of dependence on financial supporters who are depending on my own hard work to make all of this worth it. One day, I will find that moment but for now, I just have to take it one day at a time.




New Year, New Approach

Happy New Year to all of you out there in the blogosphere! While the New Year is great for pushing people to set new resolutions and goals, I have never really been one to be like “Oh it is a New Year so I am going to workout and do this and that” because let’s be real who really ever sticks through those for the entire year? If you do, then I salute you, because I normally never make it to two months.  This year I am trying a different approach. For this year I have sat long and hard and asked myself, “In what ways would I like to see myself improve this year?” I then took those aspirations and figured out ways to incorporate some type of daily habit that would allow me to target those aspects of myself that need some refining. For example, this year I want to be more at channel with myself and my thoughts because last year I really let the things going on around me distract me from well, me. In order to incorporate this aspiration into my daily life, I have opted to do some form of meditation or writing every day. This really gives me a time to just focus on myself because let’s face it, if we take the time out of our busy lives to eat and use the restroom and call our family and friends, then we can set aside time for ourselves (especially because nothing is more important than you!) There is this whole misconception that if you think that way that you are selfish or that you are full of yourself, but sometimes you have to be when it comes to being TRULY happy. Never let yourself be distracted by the needs of others that you forget to put yourself first. I hope this approach works out for me. I’ll most likely do another post about my “daily habits” later on in the month. But until then…

Good luck to all of you in all of your endeavors for the new year…you can do it 🙂


Your GPA Does Not Define You


I apologize for my absence this past week. Despite feeling, for the most part, happy all of last week, I’m not sure I was all there mentally to be able to actually sit down and write. But, I am back!

It is the last and final semester of my senior year and I have always been one to keep up with my grades and make sure that I am maintaining A’s and the best GPA possible. But lately,  I have felt so laid back about school. It isn’t that I don’t care about my grades, I just choose not to let them define me as a whole. I used to constantly stress about grades and honestly, I just wasn’t that happy with how my life was going. I always believed that the key to success was having the best grades and scoring 100s on tests. Junior year, when I began taking AP classes, a fact was thrown in my face: I can’t always get 100s on all my tests. Certain subjects will be difficult for me to grasp,this was AP US History last year, and that is okay! What matters is that you accept your grade, try to learn what you did wrong, and try not to make the same mistakes that you did in the past. I winced at the idea of having to go to tutorials (time after school to get help) because I thought it was embarrassing that I was struggling when I had never had problems with any classes before that year. I realized after I began going to tutorials that I got better when I actually acknowledged that I was struggling with the class and went to lengths to improve in my weaknesses. And you know what? I ended up scoring a 4 on the AP test (the best score being a 5).

Despite the struggle, last year really taught me that it is not those who have a gift to succeed who actually succeed in life but the people who take advantage of the resources they have and use them to persevere and continue to push themselves even when they are down. A lot of individuals who are successful had to work their way up. And this is what I plan to do. Continue to persevere and do my very best to be my very best. Your GPA does not define you as a person. Your character, your willingness to push yourself despite the trials and tribulations, and your passion is what will fuel your success. Keep pushing forward.

An Ordinary

From One Soul to Another

So I just found out another one of my poems is going to be published and I realized that I hadn’t read it since I first submitted it. I decided to take a read again and I was honestly just filled with so much emotion and my heart is currently beating so fast. It is such a powerful thing to take the love you have for someone and express it into words: all the pain,  all the lines of your veins carrying the blood that fueled the passion in your heart for another. I would love to share this poem with you all. It is me and myself to the rawest core.

You are the flame that burns with passion the love that I’ve lost in your cigarette. The love that was taken from me when I thought I didn’t even have it to begin with.

My heart is unmended, a part of a whole that is somewhere in a place no longer there.

Is it possible for a ghost to take your hand and make you feel warm despite the cold they bestow upon others? We form a reaction that cannot be explained with scientific words but simply  by the word “Soulmate.”

You breathe into me the air my lungs lack when I am screaming and yelling “Leave! Go! I don’t want you here…don’t leave me like this…I never told you to go.”

Why are you still tapping my shoulder as you pass in front of me? You move so fast. I can’t even remember whether you were even here to begin with or if it was just a figment of my imagination.

What is love when it is drained from my body onto yours like plaster on top of porcelain? Art. You could never appreciate art as it was. You had to brush your palms against it. You picked it up from the gallery and recklessly tossed it and let it fall to pieces as you continued your walk to the next gallery. You should have just passed by.

What a beautiful mess you’ve created.

Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to get in my feelings lol. But seriously, art in every form is beautiful whether that be music, painting, drawing, writing, etc. The passion you set forth into the world is an amazing creation and one to be proud of. Hope this inspires you to keep pushing forward through whatever obstacles, and although life may not end up the way you wanted it to, whether it be in a relationship, career choice or everything in between, you CAN and WILL get past it. The pain or feelings may not ever truly fade, but the inevitable is that the light will come again.

If the hurt comes, so will the happiness” 

~An Ordinary

Topic Tuesday: Feminism From a Man’s Perspective

The topic for this week is Feminism.

A Man’s POV:

” First and for most the term of Feminism, or concept is great. I truly believe in an evolving society where women and men should be treated equally, not only in everyday life but in the workplace. This cynical idea that men are superior and the derogatory comments made towards women need stop and that’s the aspect I love about feminist groups, but the part I dislike the most; and coming from a male’s perspective is the most frustrating, is the “wage gap” myth that is pushed towards so many women by the white house and other groups to convince women they are truly victims of societal discrimination in terms of economic success. In a Forbes.com experiment among young women, specifically undergraduates from Harvard, which that itself is an amazing feat, thought they will pay a 22% tax with each paycheck thanks to a “work force that favors men.” The reason that this misconception is the most frustrating is because this “wage gap” has been debunked many of times but is still preached. The 77 cents on the dollar for every dollar a man makes doesn’t take in account a lot of variables such as hours worked, years of experience, and job choices made by men and women. Hanna Rosin wrote an article for Slate Magazine in 2013 actually saying “The official Bureau of Labor Department statistics show that the median earnings of full-time female workers is 77 percent of the median earnings of full-time male workers. But that is very different than “77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men.” The latter gives the impression that a man and a woman standing next to each other doing the same job for the same number of hours get paid different salaries. That’s not at all the case. “Full time” officially means 35 hours, but men work more hours than women. That’s the first problem: We could be comparing men working 40 hours to women working 35.”

Another article from Huffington Post found the unexplained gap to actually be 6.6 cents, and even with 6 cents remaining it doesn’t mean we are discriminating, it could be that “the AAUW report compares the pay of male lawyers with that of female librarians; of male athletes with that of female communications assistants. That’s not a comparison between people who do the same work.” With more realistic categories and definitions, the remaining 6.6 gap would certainly narrow to just a few cents at most.”

To conclude this article, I just want to re state that I am all for feminist ideals even as a male, but instead of crying wage cap; something that has been debunked over and over again, lets push for less sexual harassment, or derogatory actions towards women, and the fact that women make up 55% of the population, yet hold less than 20% of elected congressional seats. When the arguments shift, I will get fully behind the movement. ”