feb music tag: day 23

A song that you want to play at your wedding”

Assuming that one day I get proposed to and am ready for something so big and I actually got to decide on the music, i would for sure incorporate this one. I didn’t know if I wanted to pick out the song for the first dance of the bride or groom or one of the reception songs. I feel like it wouldn’t go to well because I would dead ass want so many rock songs and oldies to play and I don’t think that would necessarily fit well with everyone but then agaiin it would be my wedding. Anyways, that topic is a whole ways off and not even sure if I will ever get to make that step in my lifetime, but here’s a song if by chance I do.

IT MAKES ME WANT TO DANCE. Like come on who wouldn’t get out of their seats or move at least a little to it? The song is golden. idk why but the 1975, especially this song, gives me The Cure vibes and I am here for it.



feb music tag: day 22

A good song to listen to when you are sad”

This one really depends. Are you listening to a song to make you feel better? Make you angry and supress your feelings? Or are you listening to a song to comfort you and make you even more sad to cry it out? I guess that really depends on how you choose to cope with your feelings. I tend to listen to music when I am sad to awknowledge that sadness and come to terms with it. A little Jhené Aiko tends to do the trick. Her albums have helped me a lot so I am just leaving you with one of my favorite songs by her.



feb music tag: day 21

A song to listen to when you’re happy”

A topic like this assumes that I have been happy before. HAHA totally kidding. I have been – although it is rare.

However, I love this song so much. Love Courtney Barnett and super excited for her upcoming album >.<


feb music tag: day 20

A good song to listen to when you are angry”

Being that it is my man’s birthday, I wanted to find a way to incorporate him into this post. Therefore, I asked him for a song recommendation that went with today’s topic. Surprisngly, he thought that it was a really easy decision and he recommended All My Friends by Knocked Loose. Tbh this is the first time that I listen to this song. Me and Joey have similar taste in music but I still get exposed to different artists/songs when I talk to him, which is really nice. Can you tell that he listens to heavier stuff than I do? It’s hot though;)

So if you ever just want to throw shit around and be pissed off at the world, listen to this song. hehe

happy birthday babe (ง •̀_•́)ง


feb music tag: day 14

A song that no one would expect you to love”

By now, I am sure that you all recognize that there is not really anything too out there that I would not enjoy to some extent. But I really love Spanish Music. So here is a little fun fact about me… well something pertaining to me. My dad used to be in a very popular band in El Paso, TX called “River City Band.” In fact, they even at one point were nominated for the Tejano Music Awards. They even played shows that THE Selena Quintanilla opened up for back when she was not famous. They were so good that they won several awards and even got offered a record deal. Unfortunately, some of the members decided it was not the path they wanted to take, and my dad had to move away for work shortly after and that was that. But my dad still to this day plays in bands because what can I say? Music runs through our veins. Although, River City Band now is nothing compared to what it used to be, this song is one that I hold dear to me. It is from my dad’s former band. I forgot to mention he is the lead singer and one of the sax players. He is the reason for my love of music and determination to follow my dreams to one day be the lead singer of a band and create beautiful music.


feb music tag: day 11

“A song from your favorite band”

I don’t think I have ever had one particular favorite band. I have several. But I will share one of them today, as I am sure that you will be hearing about the other ones as I continue this music tag. This post goes to one of my favorite bands: Homesafe. Their recent album “Evermore” has been one of my very favorites. Ugh I’m listening to this song that I am going to share with you all as I type this and I love it so much ugh. I can’t stop thinking about the concert I went to the weekend of my birthday in October. Okay I’ll stop talking. Enjoy. If you aren’t into rock, give it a taste. If you don’t like it stay tuned for the other genres I will share with you all. 🙂

also, the music video contains Headache and Guts. But i skipped the video to Guts (the song I was intending on sharing with you all). However, headache is amazing too so if you care for a slower type of rock song then start the video from the beginning.


feb music tag: day 9

“A song that will get people dancing”

I am recommending this song because of my dad. We went to a bar one time for a karaoke night and he sang this song and it literally got everyone up and out of their seats to dance…and it wasn’t because they were drunk lol. I actually really enjoy this one. Let me know what you think 🙂


feb music tag: day 6

“A song that reminds you of somewhere”

This song is one that makes me envision what it would be like to wake up in Paris listening to this song. Maybe peeking over the balcony, greeted by the cobblestone streets with tourists and townspeople flickering past. Or maybe at night with someone special, maybe a best friend. In a small boat rowing with the lights of the Eiffel tower making the water glisten. Okay, I’m probably romanticizing it too much but how amazing that would be! I will be visiting Paris during my trip to Great Britain where I will be studying Neuroscience and Psychology this summer… perhaps I’ll let this song be my alarm.


feb music tag: day 5

“A song that reminds you of someone”

This one was easy. “When We’re Older” by Rome Hero Foxes. It reminds me of summer 2017 when I would go running and listen to this song and really the whole “I/O” EP and watch the sunset behind the trees and the cars pass by. Joey, my boyfriend,  recommended this band to me when we first met. Keep in mind that we met in an odd way through a broadcasting site that was just meant for my entertainment and connecting with others around the world. Who would have thunk that I would meet him in person 5 months later and that love would bloom? I know I didn’t. But I remember in April I wanted to meet him at a Rome Hero Foxes concert but I wasn’t able to make it because it was on a Thursday and it was a “school night” so Joey broadcasted the whole set on Periscope just for me. They played this song. I don’t mean to get sappy, it is just that I am so thankful that music allows me to associate so many lasting memories with it. Anywho, 5 months later I met him in August at a Rome Hero Foxes concert. Joey asked me to be his girlfriend, and well, the rest is history 🙂

Hope you enjoy this one


feb music tag: day 4

“A song that makes you sad”

There is an irony to sad songs. When I am hurting and listen to these songs, they end up giving me a feeling of consolation. Despite feeling comforted though, I do experience the feeling of sadness. But like some people say, “the hurt has to come first.” Actually, I don’t even know if that is a saying but if it wasn’t then now it is hehe. So with that being said, here is a song that makes me :/